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Sunday Sonnet!

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I can do naught, but marvel at the mind
That credulously to untruths succumb,
As though the eye of reason is struck blind,
And senses, all, are chronically numb;
Has common sense her age old insight lost,
Confounded by unfounded wiles of fear?
Can ways be found corrosion to accost,
Lest treasured mores forever disappear?
Let not the breath of despair foul the air,
Contaminating hope to spawn discord,
Lest nationhood be rent beyond repair,
Sent hurtling to a future, untoward.
Armed with forefathers’ grit and self-belief,
The people shall defeat presumptuous chief.

© Meanderings 2017.




Sunday Sonnet!



Gently the voice of silence resonates,
Throughout the open confines of this place;
Each rhythmic wavelet subtly percolates
Into the healing balm of Love’s embrace.
Undaunted by distraction’s cunning hand,
Nor deviated by the wiles of doubt,
Her lastingness vicissitudes withstand,
In single-mindedness resides her clout;
Consistency and Strength be her hallmarks,
No fear nor favour for the High or Low,
They come within the ambits of her arcs,
Who humbly open-heartedness do show;
Rewards, beyond compare, have come to those
Who portals into beck’ning silence chose!

©Meanderings 2017




Strike the flint!
Catch the spark!
Bone dry wood begin to smoulder;
Slender tufts of smoke,
Fanned by draughts of air,
Grow hurriedly
As glowing embers
Tongue their liquid flames…..
New Fire!

©Late Harvest 2009



Are you so fearsome Mighty Death,
When all that is shall cease to be;
When mortals gasp their final breath,
From future pain and suffering free?

How did you come to be so awed,
By many homo sapiens,
While others learn to live with you
And treat you with due deference?

Are you and Life parts of a Whole,
Like all converses in a plan;
Neither of which to take control,
A greater balance to maintain?

Who made the two of you such foes,
For to what end does all begin?
Is this not how the cycle goes
To formulate the golden ring?

Is fear of you not by man fed,
Who, driven by his selfish needs,
The loss of transient mostly dread,
To other ways cannot accede?

Does some religions fuel such fear,
Some customs breed anxieties,
Rendering perspective so unclear,
That sense no longer can appease?

Have humans now broken the aim,
Fouling the template of the scheme;
When will the balance be reclaimed
And all return to ancient themes?

O Death, may we not you despise,
Essential to the golden ring,
Beyond you waits some great surprise,
We never can know everything.

©Late Harvest  2009


‘Sell Out’…..


Would you betray me with a kiss?
The dreaded question for deceit,
Most antithetical to bliss,
The way to personal defeat.

Uncommon custom to close friends,
Would you betray me with a kiss?
A gesture that no one offends,
When proferred with no ill remiss.

When loyalty has gone amiss,
Exposing Trust to Evil’s guile,
‘Would you betray me with a kiss?’
For sure true friendship shall defile.

Whether through choice or by design,
Such treachery shall none dismiss,
May Life me ne’er to this consign –
Would you betray me with a kiss!

©Meanderings 2016