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Sunday Sonnet!

IMG_3398 (WP)

Let not inclement comments mar delight
In having reached, at last, a cherished goal;
Achievement did not come without a fight,
Transcending obstacles beyond control;
No golden spoon adorned your lowly birth,
Nor carpet, red, your advent trumpeted,
No wherewithal to tell your earthly worth,
Sheer giftedness your heritage, instead;
Disparagement from rancid, privileged peers,
Determined, hungry motivation fuelled;
While kindly smiles subordinated smears,
And generosity your heart bejewelled.
Persistence paved Determination’s way,
While Perseverance underpinned each stay!

©Meanderings 2017

Greetings from Bushka!

Greetings! (WP)


Sincere apologies for my protracted silence here…..No discourtesy intended to anyone of my treasured friends and followers. 😇 Some of you have kindly enquired after my well-being…….ALL IS WELL!

After a super time in Germany and Austria over the festive season, I found, upon my return, that I have, somehow, lost my enthusiasm for ‘blogging’. Admittedly, I am otherwise occupied which diminishes my time and inclination to be here.

In the light of generous comments from some of my friends and followers I hope to resume posting my ‘Sunday Sonnet’ for the foreseeable future.

I am not sure how regular I shall be interacting with posts and comments. No discourtesy intended….🤷

I wish you ALL WELL……May Good Fortune smile on you whatever you do…wherever you go!

God Bless!



That Mysterious Picture…

Apropos of my previous post here this morning some comments have enquired after its provenance…. 🙄

The image posted was a tightly cropped close-up of a photograph of New Clematis growth in a flower pot outside our kitchen door….

Taken about this time last year (2015). Have just been out to see whether it has made its first appearance – signs, yes! Keeping my eye on it.

First, a repost of the this morning’s image….


Now…..the original from which this was enhanced and cropped…


Amazing what one can see close-up!