Monthly Archives: August 2016

Sunday Sonnet!


When past demeanours rear their sleepy heads,
Occasioning embarrassment’s advent,
Spectres of doom, that ev’ry mortal dreads,
Insidiously themselves to us present;
No matter escapades to be unknown
Save to oneself and others now long gone,
Yet, ego deems that they are cast in stone
Awaiting resolution at some dawn;
Humility unlocks the door to life,
Presenting open hearts to ventilate,
Thus obviating lingering inner strife,
To leave us in a prior halcyon state;
Though penalty for long by guilt be sought,
Forgiven sins by God are soon forgot!

©Meanderings 2016



Belief is fading fast,
The House of Faith on shaky ground,
Foundations be recast,
Let prayers throughout the Earth resound
That Hope shall Faith outlast!

©Meanderings 2016

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Sunday Sonnet!


When I opine upon your pristine face,
And ponder on the marvel of such grace,
The calm demeanour of persuasive smile,
Enjoin my hasty gestures to restyle;
Too easily your counsel is declined,
Committing us to suffer, much maligned,
Yet, constantly your presence at my side,
In gentle whispers, courage does confide;
Upon each thought and action kindly pour
The elixir of Father Time before
They, with determined missive, take the wing
And all but goodness to their purpose bring;
To you, fair Patience, do these words appeal,
Lest, for my indiscretions I must kneel!

© Meanderings 2016



Not for the lack of Hope
Nor for the want of self-belief,
How can the fallen cope
Without aught generous relief,
Lest they defer to grief.

©Meanderings 2016

Sunday Sonnet!


Let not a thoughtless word your lips depart,
For none its consequences can foretell,
The vulnerable and sensitive may smart,
While others, more reactive, may rebel,
Provoking unpredictable retorts,
Like poisoned arrows, pierce a fragile heart,
Wiser, instead, those thoughts to turn around,
Commending them to scrutiny of grace;
Then amity is certain to resound,
Effecting pleasant smiles on every face;
Too often words uncensored foul the air,
Too often hapless languish in despair.

©Meanderings 2o16