Sunday Sonnet!



Awash with mesmerising coloured lights,
Resounding with enduring festive song,
The malls of mammon, teeming with delights,
Seductive to the pleasure-seeking throng;
From babe in arms to grey-haired doddering dad,
With little or with surfeit wherewithal,
Whether in velvet or in sackcloth clad,
Perennial mystery holds all in thrall;
Yet few in faith hold feast in close embrace,
While most succumb to man’s insidious greed;
Would that good sense such madness could replace,
Then Jubilate Deum might succeed.
Prodigal grace to creatures all extends,
Pernicious recompense for none commends.

Β©Meanderings 2018


18 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. An interesting way with words.



  2. And a Happy Christmas to you.

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  3. How I loathe the materialism that Christmas has become. Loved this and the

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  4. You words always flow so perfectly and with such beauty.
    Hope you had a blesed Sunday. And may the rest of the week be filled with joy and blessing as well.

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  5. reminds me of a Gouda cheese inexpertly carved…and sprinkled with blue-cheese crumbles. Happy 2019 to you!

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  6. Beautiful sonnet and photo E hugs to you! ❀

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