Sunday Sonnet!



Beneath the freezing splendour of thick snow
Awaits the vernal birth of crocus hue,
As rising waves of warmth their balm bestow,
Signage of nature’s rebirth shall ensue;
As certain as the flight of winter’s woe,
Essential to the circle of all being,
Anticipate advent of summer’s glow,
When some to distant climes shall go a-fleeing,
Thus interact the rhythmic cogs of life,
Regardless of the whims of creature-kind,
Whether it be in harmony or strife,
The laws of nature are in gold enshrined.
The present to the future shall succumb,
The past without exception to become.

ŠMeanderings ’18


11 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. A beautiful sonnet and stunning image. Thank you Bushka. I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. Janet xx

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  2. Hey Bushka 🙂
    Would you mind elaborating on this sonnet for me?
    I’d just like to know a bit more, from where it came from and what it means.
    Miss you,
    PS I found your book, and I’m going through the poems in it. It’s calming

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    • Hi Caleb. Glad you popped in here…AND also found my book.
      This sonnet was inspired our recent cold, snowy weather coming at a time when the little crocuses, daffodils and other Spring flowers have just appeared. Made me reflect how Life goes round in a Circle…as the Seasons do….The final two lines sum up this Circle of Life…. 😉 Love and Hugs. 👍

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  3. And soon spring will be sprung. And down here in the south we shall shiver in our timbers.

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  4. Snowdrops and crocuses crowding out each other in their clumps locally, the snowdrops having been knocked back by the Siberian blast. It’s impressive they are determined to put on some kind of a show. I wonder if this is an allegory for the upcoming seasons we shall experience where I live.

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  5. The circle/cycle of life is a comfort, I find. What a stunning picture – that gorgeous almost imperial purple is strokable.

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  6. Thanks Uncle E 🙂

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