Sunday Sonnet!



Above, the angry voice of Thor resounds,
Instilling mortal creatures with alarm,
Below, the noise prevailing peace confounds,
Skeltering the vulnerable to keep from harm;
None did such vulgar force anticipate,
As stillness deepened in the fading light,
Nor did preceding light’ning vitiate
The shattering impact of disabling fright;
Then pelt cascading icicles of hail
The unprotected and the unforewarned,
Like diving demons on their prey prevail,
Relentless frozen pellets mercy scorned.
Too often on the wanderings of this life,
The Hand of Fortune such events contrive!

Β©Meanderings ’17


11 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. I wish Thor, Mother Nature, Elsa (from Frozen fame) would sort out their differences, coz I am Sooo ready for double digit temperature xx

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  2. You can expect some better behaviour in coming times.

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  3. I’m am so ready for winter to take a hike! I’m adding this to my favorites page on my blog. I love it! Hugs!

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  4. Another gem. Thank you Bushka. We forget that beneath our very feet a myriad of worlds exist….and for the most part in harmony. Hope you are enjoying you retreat. Janet xx

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  5. I wonder why such things so often take us unawares? Of course we can’t see everything coming, but maybe we should be better prepared, if only by past experience. Favourite line: Like diving demons on their prey prevail. Love those strong, driving stresses and the alliteration.

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