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Sunday Sonnet!



Anticipation warmed within our hearts
As we imagined seeing kith and kin,
Aware that untowards can play their parts,
Attend, all joy with hope to underpin;
Add to all plans the spice of simple trust,
A leaven that eternally endures;
Assistance, all Divine, regards the just
And wholesome blessed endings e’er ensures;
Without ill intervention jaunt ensued,
Enriched by fulsome pleasure all the way;
To everyone, encountered, joy accrued,
Creating lasting memories each day.
Laudate Deum for felicity,
That freely flowed, through gen’rous hearts, to me.

© Meanderings ’17




All is night!
Locked in utter darkness,
Dank, cold, still,

Soundless stirrings,
Unseen movements,
Heighten the sense of awe!

Slowly, unstoppably,
An unfolding
Like petals of the rosebud;
An unfurling,
As of the fern-frond;
A stretching, outward bending –

The blackness of the night
Begins to ebb;
Giving way to growing greyness;
Unhurriedly they interchange,

Fearful, eager eyes
Peer through the clearing haze
Into a gaping void;
Out of darkness,
Out of emptiness,

© Late Harvest 2009

Watch with Me….


Will you stay here and watch with me?
His quiet voice entreated them,
For no one knew what was to be,
That ruthless greed him would condemn.

In anguish to his friends he turned,
Will you stay here and watch with me?
How easily deep need is spurned,
Priorities elsewhere decree!

Would that all humans could foresee,
A time when everyone could plead,
Will you stay here and watch with me,
Alerts us all a need to heed!

Alas, too often do we rue,
When hangs the victim on a tree,
To hear that call whilst with the few,
Will you stay here and watch with me?

©Meanderings 2016

Septolet #6 – Vestal Verity!


The Truth,
Lies prevail;

Vestal Verity,
Cultured in Sincerity,
Births enduring relationships!

©Meanderings 2016


For Mother!!


Rose - B..R ..(WP)

Deep gratitude to mother dear,
Upon this special day,
Your progeny bring love sincere,
Blessings your life array,
For this our hearts do pray.

Self-sacrifice hallmarks your life,
From cradle to the grave,
No fear when obstacles are rife,
Through thick and thin you slave,
Ever with grace behave.

Can angels with your care compete?
Or goodness with your charm?
No demon shall your love defeat,
Nor vigilance disarm,
To keep us all from harm!

©Meanderings 2016.