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Sunday Sonnet!



As yonder years expectant maid with child,
Accompanied by older pledged betrothed,
Advanced on weary course with manner mild,
Today, believers, in their faith beclothed,
In advent seek their persons to prepare,
To celebrate the nascence of their lord;
A time for still reflection and of prayer,
That blessings on all beings might be poured;
Be mindful of the chasmic, sad divides
In station, stature, heritage and wealth,
The need for saintly love in all resides,
The gift of the Divine is wholesome health;
May advent hope pervade each living soul,
That brokenness in all may be made whole.

©Meanderings 2018


Sunday Sonnet!

IMG_3398 (WP)

Let not inclement comments mar delight
In having reached, at last, a cherished goal;
Achievement did not come without a fight,
Transcending obstacles beyond control;
No golden spoon adorned your lowly birth,
Nor carpet, red, your advent trumpeted,
No wherewithal to tell your earthly worth,
Sheer giftedness your heritage, instead;
Disparagement from rancid, privileged peers,
Determined, hungry motivation fuelled;
While kindly smiles subordinated smears,
And generosity your heart bejewelled.
Persistence paved Determination’s way,
While Perseverance underpinned each stay!

©Meanderings 2017

Sunday Sonnet!



When I of mortal treadmill take my leave,
A destiny no being can escape –
However much some would themselves deceive,
Or others, Fate’s arrival would reshape –
All what-has-beens form part of who I am,
Be they of scaling hills or sliding downs,
Even when level living seemed a sham,
Or future promise be replete with crowns;
For what has gone before or what shall be,
Much not unduly spiced with deep regret,
Rich blessings from above shall set me free,
And lessons learnt I never shall forget;
We grow with every modicum of breath,
From birth, through life, until embraced by death!

©Meanderings 2016




Low, lingering twilight,
Ooze along the northern skyline,
Occident to Orient;
Darkest at the nadir,
Furthest from the light –
Never fully night.

Within a wooden hut,
Alone with man and beast,
Maiden moaned benignly;
Through her trying hour,
Watched by wakeful eyes,
A smile flickered.

Slowly, inexorably,
Subdued light begins to wax,
Murkiness recedes;
A golden glow grows,
Heralding birth –
A new beginning.

©Autumn Ambles 2010

Picture: Midnight Sun taken July/2010…


Bay (WP)

In Anticipation…

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In preparation for the halcyon days,
Hear wand’ring minstrels sing their choral lays,
Once in a far-off town,
An infant of renown,
Was born to set eternity ablaze!

© Meanderings 2015

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