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Sunday Sonnet!



Above, the angry voice of Thor resounds,
Instilling mortal creatures with alarm,
Below, the noise prevailing peace confounds,
Skeltering the vulnerable to keep from harm;
None did such vulgar force anticipate,
As stillness deepened in the fading light,
Nor did preceding light’ning vitiate
The shattering impact of disabling fright;
Then pelt cascading icicles of hail
The unprotected and the unforewarned,
Like diving demons on their prey prevail,
Relentless frozen pellets mercy scorned.
Too often on the wanderings of this life,
The Hand of Fortune such events contrive!

©Meanderings ’17


Sunday Sonnet!


Then came the long awaited precious rain,
With thunderous applause midst lightning strikes,
Relentless hailstones causing joyous pain,
Fast thawing ice in torrents breaching dikes;
For weeks, nay months, thick clouds had come and gone,
Mean, tantalising omens came to naught,
As living, all, to drought’s embrace were drawn,
And each new dawn with dangers fresh were fraught;
Unshackled from restraints, to wit, unknown,
The weather gods their pent up passions vent,
Reducing one and all to moan and groan,
Until smidgens of energy are spent;
In aftermath, raw anger wasteland leaves,
Yet, faith new cloth of restoration weaves!

©Meanderings 2016




Nature’s portents heed,
Feathered friends their refuge seek,
For impending storm!

© Meanderings 2016


Let's Live!!!!

Let’s Live!!!!

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Fear not the dark burgeoning storm clouds,
Nor thunder’s rumbling refrain
Heed not the clarion calls of doubt,
Learn to dance merrily in the rain.


(Mindful Musings 2013)

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