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Sunday Sonnet



Strung from yon tree, the bleeding, broken being
Perceived beloved women down below,
Compassion wrenched his heart, his mother seeing.
What favour he upon her can bestow?
Then saw he, with the sufferers, huddled there,
The male companion whom he dearly loved,
His mother he commended to his care,
That she by him forever shall be gloved;
Affection, selfless, dwelt in mother’s heart,
Whose son surrendered to the Greater Good,
Her innocence to him she did impart,
That all may gain a wholesome livelihood.
Humility beheld the face of Grace,
The Godhead willed all suffering be displaced!

©Meanderings 2018


Palm Sunday Sonnet!

Knowing all(WP))


Ebullient crowds bedecked the way with palms,
Their expectations echoed far and wide,
No indication of prospective qualms
As they extolled your meek, majestic ride;
Where were your mother and your closest friends?
Had you not warned them of the risks ahead?
Perchance, they questioned not your selfless ends,
Perceiving your reflecting little dread;
Into each life there comes a day like this,
More often unannounced though not sans fear,
Staring into dark, bottomless abyss,
Who would have thought redemption to be near?
So dark can be the night before the dawn,
Yet, from such emptiness new life is born!

©Meanderings 2017


Hourglass #6


Blind Bigot’s victim,
Young mum of two,
Loving spouse,
Need’s friend,
Blest Jo,
Time sans end,
Kindle Care’s flame,
In self-centred hearts!

©Meanderings 2016


Tragic Loss!


When Death decides to launch his fateful dart,
Then Grief strikes deep into a mother’s heart –
A daughter sweet at fifty,
Adorable and lovely….
Such loss will rend the sternest soul apart!

©Meanderings 2016

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For Mother!!


Rose - B..R ..(WP)

Deep gratitude to mother dear,
Upon this special day,
Your progeny bring love sincere,
Blessings your life array,
For this our hearts do pray.

Self-sacrifice hallmarks your life,
From cradle to the grave,
No fear when obstacles are rife,
Through thick and thin you slave,
Ever with grace behave.

Can angels with your care compete?
Or goodness with your charm?
No demon shall your love defeat,
Nor vigilance disarm,
To keep us all from harm!

©Meanderings 2016.