Sunday Sonnet



Strung from yon tree, the bleeding, broken being
Perceived beloved women down below,
Compassion wrenched his heart, his mother seeing.
What favour he upon her can bestow?
Then saw he, with the sufferers, huddled there,
The male companion whom he dearly loved,
His mother he commended to his care,
That she by him forever shall be gloved;
Affection, selfless, dwelt in mother’s heart,
Whose son surrendered to the Greater Good,
Her innocence to him she did impart,
That all may gain a wholesome livelihood.
Humility beheld the face of Grace,
The Godhead willed all suffering be displaced!

©Meanderings 2018


14 responses to “Sunday Sonnet

  1. Great sonnet for the day. Hope you had a great Easter.

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  2. Indeed! A lovely reflection on a precious moment during the crucifixion, and an eschatological hope – lots of theology in that sonnet, Elliott! A very happy resurrection-tide to you and your wife. xx

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  3. How beautiful and poignant! Loved the raindrops too, brought tears to

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  4. Beautiful and such a lovely accompanying image. Have a superb day. Janet 🙂 xx

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  5. GOATS2BDazee

    True, magnificent poetry 😀

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