Watch this space….

18 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi,

    Will you be adding a flag counter to your site Bushka? It looks like a fun and games project. 🙂

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  2. Hi ..nice to be connected on WordPress

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  3. Hi Prashant! Very good. Let’s stay in touch.


  4. Your sense of humor is killing me I love it! I’m definitely smiling! Watch this space! I shall with baited breath! LOL I’m cracking myself up now! You are delightful I’m so happy Belinda introduced us! 😀 ❤

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  5. Thanks Nan…..Pity there is no way to ‘in-box’ you….If you like…..can send you my e-mail….Hugs! ❤

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  6. afterglowwhispers

    Hello sweet hugger 😉 Hugs!

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  7. Hey there my friend! I just want to say that I really want to invite you to be one of my guests writers on my blog site coz I am really amazed and in love with your pieces. I am hoping that you would accept the offer. 😉 thanks again and see ya!

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    • Thanks for the invite…Kind of you. Not sure whether I could be a regular contributor….don’t mind once or twice….My plans for the future are very much ‘in flux’. Hugs!


  8. Good morning, hope all is well with you. I keep finding that I am not following your blogs, don’t know why, just keeps disappearing. I hope this time it sticks.

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