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Sedoka for Seagull!


Gull afloat on high,
Riding thermals for pleasure,
Elegance on fair display;

Evening breeze stiffens,
Amblers button up jackets,
Master mariner prevails!

©Meanderings 2016



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Lenten Season Looms.
Fasting for Self-discipline,
Reflect upon Life!

Make Time for Others,
Honing Art of Charity,
Deepen Commitment!

© Meanderings 2016

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Sedoka #2


Patience Tarries Long,
Desperation Harries Help,
Faith’s Fine Lustre in Decline!

Inner Strength Persists,
Hope her Soothing Ditty Hums,
Trust Tomorrow All Be Well!

© Meanderings 2016

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Sedoka #1

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Foggy afternoon,
Dismal mood the neighbourhood,
Soulless street an eerie feel,

Black cat on the wall,
Seagull alights on rooftop,
Indoors a lonely dog barks!

© Meanderings 2016

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