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Sunday Sonnet!



Give me the grace my selfishness to yield,
Compassion shall its absence gladly fill;
Grant me the hapless indigent to shield,
Their long untended hungriness to still;
Give me the will intentions to sustain,
That time may not their content dissipate;
Grant grace that I my self-respect retain,
Lest mine, like other promises stagnate.
Mortals surrender easily to I,
Succumbing to unbridled appetite,
The route for all the world to go awry,
At last, declining into moral night.
To close the ever-widening divide,
Shall we build walls or bridges, let’s decide!

©Meanderings 2017


Quatern #1 – Spring!


Daffs 4 (WP)

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Salute the promises of Spring,
Implicit in the burgeoning buds,
Proclaimed by early birds that sing,
Behold approaching colour floods.

Awake from sombre Winter mood,
Salute the promises of Spring,
See all that lies ahead as good,
Let freely fantasy take wing.

That Brother Sun his warmth will bring,
In fervent expectation cheer,
Salute the promises of Spring,
Of icicles there’s none to fear.

Those woollies to the bin consign,
The bells of Summer keenly ring,
With smiles of ecstasy divine,
Salute the promises of Spring.

©Meanderings 2016

Spring smileys

Prompted by The Wind…


Flight of Fancy!

Sombre wind through window moans,
Blending with the old man’s groans,
Silence shrouds the darkened room,
Deepening apparent gloom,
Of expected doom.

Flick’ring flame of candle light
Filters through a crevice slight
Left by door faintly ajar,
Quavering like a distant star,
Promise from afar.

Old man on his pallet stirs,
Moaning wind her tune defers,
Muffled footsteps sidle softly,
Kindly treating silence deftly,
Touches aged lightly.

Patient vigil ends anon,
When a whisper clear is born,
Water wets his smiling lips,
Streak of light through curtain slips,
Just as eye unzips!

© Meanderings 2016

Peace on Earth???


Promise Despoiled!

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Misguided by the vulgar god of Greed,
When ‘Want’ and ‘Will’ suppress the Human Need,
Fair Peace cannot exist,
‘less parity persist,
Abundance in this World for all to feed!

© Meanderings 2015

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Camelea (WP)

New Life Beckons…

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See the buds on shrubs,
Let Bleak Winter do his worst –
Nature’s will be done.

© Meanderings 2015

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