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Sunday Sonnet!


Some seek the greater good e’er to promote
While some beyond themselves can never see,
Pathetic plight endemic fails to note
The need for more compassionate to be;
Raw, surfeit human senses tend to dull,
To taste, to touch, to smell, to see or hear,
No time the possibility to mull,
A future destitution spell to fear;
The needy know their bounty to embrace,
Oft willing with their fellowmen to share;
Commendable to see such selfless grace,
Ennobling gift engraved in mutual care;
Perceptive let the Present them inform,
Unwholesome to the Wholesome can transform!

© Meanderings 2016

Sunday Sonnet!


Not for the lack of patent wherewithal,
Nor for the want of vocal calls for care,
Indifferent man continues to appal,
Persisting to espouse the lion’s share;
No matter that a surfeit to the soul
Encumbers, even at the point of death,
Or sharing with the needy would console,
Cupidity enslaves to final breath;
Rapacious tentacles embrace the heart,
Denuding it of vestiges of life;
Compassionless awaiting to depart,
Perchance the destiny to be sans strife.
Not for the sake of human decency,
But for yourself aspire to equity!

©Meanderings 2016

Clarity Pyramid #3



Courage is selfless,
Heed the call of Need,
Let Others confer Honours –

Self-praise…no recommendation!

©Meanderings 2016

Septolet #2


Broken dreams,
Scattered like shards,
Need care;

Might not Mend –
May Mellow!

©Meanderings 2016

Sunday Sonnet #2


Ask not how deep the selflessness of Love
Needs be, to service human brokenness,
When we perceive clear images thereof
Apparent in young children dead, no less;
Pre-occupation with one’s personal need
Can blind one to the faces of despair,
Reclining in the warm embrace of greed,
Unable or unwilling aught to share;
How strange the native instinct to survive
Persists with not an inkling to relent,
Intent on keeping hapless souls alive,
Until the dregs of energy are spent.
For some would end their lives under a stack,
While others cease to be because of lack!

©Meanderings 2016