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Sunday Sonnet!



Not always do we see the blessed sun,
Or feel the cheerful presence of its balm,
Its intent by inclement climes undone,
Need not beset mere mortals with alarm;
Elsewhere the sun god sheds his golden rays,
Consistent with his quintessential being,
While here the constant hand of time conveys
We, earthlings, smile of Ra shall soon be seeing.
The rise and fall of rolling ocean waves,
Or undulation of the hills and dales,
Portray with fine panache how life behaves,
Revels of times as much as their travails.
Whatever shade of darkness be the night,
‘Tis but the absence of returning light.

©Meanderings 2018


Sunday Sonnet!



Within the confines of this darkened room,
Surrounded by unspeaking silence, I,
Undaunted, rise to front oppressive gloom,
Its ogre-threatening gestures to defy;
Encouraged by the endless lack of sleep,
My broken spirit leans towards distress,
In mortal fear portending dungeons deep,
From which redemption beggars trust, no less;
Yet, deep within the soul resides a spark,
Though buffeted by life-destroying storm,
Retains its luminescence in the dark,
The embers of the faintest hope to warm;
While breathes a being on this transient earth,
Persists the prospect ever for rebirth.

©Meanderings 2017




All is night!
Locked in utter darkness,
Dank, cold, still,

Soundless stirrings,
Unseen movements,
Heighten the sense of awe!

Slowly, unstoppably,
An unfolding
Like petals of the rosebud;
An unfurling,
As of the fern-frond;
A stretching, outward bending –

The blackness of the night
Begins to ebb;
Giving way to growing greyness;
Unhurriedly they interchange,

Fearful, eager eyes
Peer through the clearing haze
Into a gaping void;
Out of darkness,
Out of emptiness,

© Late Harvest 2009

Septolet #2


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Beckoned helplessly,
From across embarrassed room;

Averted his shameless eyes.

©Meanderings 2016

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In Praise Of……


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When Winter winds drive freezing rain
And all around seems bleak,
When hope of sunshine proves in vain
And help a forlorn squeak –
Let Faith then surely speak!

When darker days of suffering loom
And Pain is at her peak,
When desperation foretells gloom
And threaten havoc wreak –
Let Faith then surely speak!

When Light begins to fade away
And Life morphs to a leak,
When Thoughts advent to go astray
And Soul a haven seek –
May Faith then always speak!

©Meanderings 2015

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