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Sunday Sonnet!



Within the confines of this darkened room,
Surrounded by unspeaking silence, I,
Undaunted, rise to front oppressive gloom,
Its ogre-threatening gestures to defy;
Encouraged by the endless lack of sleep,
My broken spirit leans towards distress,
In mortal fear portending dungeons deep,
From which redemption beggars trust, no less;
Yet, deep within the soul resides a spark,
Though buffeted by life-destroying storm,
Retains its luminescence in the dark,
The embers of the faintest hope to warm;
While breathes a being on this transient earth,
Persists the prospect ever for rebirth.

©Meanderings 2017


Prompted by The Wind…


Flight of Fancy!

Sombre wind through window moans,
Blending with the old man’s groans,
Silence shrouds the darkened room,
Deepening apparent gloom,
Of expected doom.

Flick’ring flame of candle light
Filters through a crevice slight
Left by door faintly ajar,
Quavering like a distant star,
Promise from afar.

Old man on his pallet stirs,
Moaning wind her tune defers,
Muffled footsteps sidle softly,
Kindly treating silence deftly,
Touches aged lightly.

Patient vigil ends anon,
When a whisper clear is born,
Water wets his smiling lips,
Streak of light through curtain slips,
Just as eye unzips!

© Meanderings 2016