Quatern #1 – Spring!


Daffs 4 (WP)

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Salute the promises of Spring,
Implicit in the burgeoning buds,
Proclaimed by early birds that sing,
Behold approaching colour floods.

Awake from sombre Winter mood,
Salute the promises of Spring,
See all that lies ahead as good,
Let freely fantasy take wing.

That Brother Sun his warmth will bring,
In fervent expectation cheer,
Salute the promises of Spring,
Of icicles there’s none to fear.

Those woollies to the bin consign,
The bells of Summer keenly ring,
With smiles of ecstasy divine,
Salute the promises of Spring.

Ā©Meanderings 2016

Spring smileys

20 responses to “Quatern #1 – Spring!

  1. You’re having fun with these verse forms! Very accomplished!

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  2. A Rousing tribute to spring that made me want to get up and dance or at the very least throw on my walking shoes!

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  3. Truly, I am saluting right now!!

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  4. Oh yes it’s been so lovely today, its felt like spring with lots of daffodils popping their heads up šŸ™‚

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  5. Beautiful daffodils and a marvelous poem, I just need some warm weather to go with it now.xxx

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  6. Enjoy your spring, but you know that means autumn down here in NZ.

    Spring flowers and new growth.

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  7. This was beautiful and it flowed so wonderfully. Absolutely loved your finale. Perfect for this piece.

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  8. Wow…what a blog! I wandered by way here through your comment on Dajena’s blog and I am glad I did because I totally love this space šŸ™‚ Do visit my blog for light hearted reads inspired by everyday moments. Cheers

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