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Sunday Sonnet!

New Day.(WP).


I did not choose this domicile to root,
Secreted by rough rocks and sunless trees,
Few passers-by venture this way on foot,
Though being in the leeward of sea-breeze;
My advent here divined by God of Chance,
Who grasped my latent life on Zephyr’s wing,
Where merrily I led a fulsome dance,
Unceremoniously me here to bring;
Within my nature lies the will to be,
No matter where or how I find myself,
Transmuted from potential into me,
According to the Oracle of Delph;
And now you see my pretty yellow head,
Intent on bringing joy, sans tinge of dread!

©Meanderings 2017


Haiku @ Home #6


When the cold winds blow,
Whistling mournfully outside,
Winter round the hearth!

©Meanderings 2016

Prompted by The Wind…


Flight of Fancy!

Sombre wind through window moans,
Blending with the old man’s groans,
Silence shrouds the darkened room,
Deepening apparent gloom,
Of expected doom.

Flick’ring flame of candle light
Filters through a crevice slight
Left by door faintly ajar,
Quavering like a distant star,
Promise from afar.

Old man on his pallet stirs,
Moaning wind her tune defers,
Muffled footsteps sidle softly,
Kindly treating silence deftly,
Touches aged lightly.

Patient vigil ends anon,
When a whisper clear is born,
Water wets his smiling lips,
Streak of light through curtain slips,
Just as eye unzips!

© Meanderings 2016

Festive Fun…

Cavorting WP

Making Merry…

smile emoticon kolobok

Westwind blows a gale,
Driving rain comes pelting down,
Shoppers grin and bear!

Children shriek with glee,
Pavement puddles splash and spray,
Wary women winch!

Brassband carols sing,
Festive mood pervades the air,
Gay Abandon reigns!

Mid the bustling fun,
Spare a thought for old, infirm,
Hearts and Spirits here!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok