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Sunday Sonnet!



As though in rhythmic tune with breeze they danced,
Bright faces smiling gaily as they swayed,
Recalling thought of erstwhile spring romance,
When young hearts went a-walking one fine day;
Beneath a cloudless cerulean sky,
A gentle zephyr kissed enchanting blooms,
As hand in hand young lovers walked nearby,
While whispered speech their precious time consumes;
In earnestness they solemnly avowed
Their loyalty into eternity;
Misfortune would their destiny becloud,
Fruition of their dreams was not to be.
Idyllic plans for future oft are made,
Then by reality to be betrayed!

©Meanderings 2018


Fib #2


Evening air
Enthralls two lovers –
Somewhere a hungry dog fox barks!

©Meanderings 2016

Summer Mini-Monos #5


Bowlers bowl,
Oldies stroll,
Lovers droll,
On the roll,
Joy in soul.

Toddlers run
In the sun,
Mums undone;
Having fun!

©Meanderings 2016

A to Z Challenge – Xysts!

For Lovers,
Tree-lined, Covered,
Fetching feature in Greek Country Gardens!

©Meanderings 2016

The Rock!


Yours is not the only butt
To grace my well-worn surface,
Most passers-by
Cast weary eye
And smile with signal purpose.

Precious few will spare a thought,
When putting down their carcass,
With heart-felt sigh
Or moaning cry
Complaining ’bout my hardness.

Diverse dimensions are the bods,
Who come to seek some respite here,
From raking lean
To rotund mean,
Toady toddlers through advancing years.

Well trod walkway much has caught;
Ably sheltered by brother tree,
Couples’ tiffs,
Lovers’ trysts,
Resolved. and consummated be.

Not only is my comfort sought
By weary walkers but their dogs,
Will urinate
Upon my state,
Leaving me all sullied and agog.

I am here, this is my lot,
Consolation, confidante,
Firm and strong,
However long,
Constancy my enduring stance.

©Late Harvest 2009