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Sunday Sonnet!

New Day.(WP).


I did not choose this domicile to root,
Secreted by rough rocks and sunless trees,
Few passers-by venture this way on foot,
Though being in the leeward of sea-breeze;
My advent here divined by God of Chance,
Who grasped my latent life on Zephyr’s wing,
Where merrily I led a fulsome dance,
Unceremoniously me here to bring;
Within my nature lies the will to be,
No matter where or how I find myself,
Transmuted from potential into me,
According to the Oracle of Delph;
And now you see my pretty yellow head,
Intent on bringing joy, sans tinge of dread!

©Meanderings 2017


The Rock!


Yours is not the only butt
To grace my well-worn surface,
Most passers-by
Cast weary eye
And smile with signal purpose.

Precious few will spare a thought,
When putting down their carcass,
With heart-felt sigh
Or moaning cry
Complaining ’bout my hardness.

Diverse dimensions are the bods,
Who come to seek some respite here,
From raking lean
To rotund mean,
Toady toddlers through advancing years.

Well trod walkway much has caught;
Ably sheltered by brother tree,
Couples’ tiffs,
Lovers’ trysts,
Resolved. and consummated be.

Not only is my comfort sought
By weary walkers but their dogs,
Will urinate
Upon my state,
Leaving me all sullied and agog.

I am here, this is my lot,
Consolation, confidante,
Firm and strong,
However long,
Constancy my enduring stance.

©Late Harvest 2009

Triolet #2


smile emoticon kolobok

To Save the Self from Doubt’s Allure,
Conviction of Identity
Temptation’s Guile must well Endure,
To Save the Self from Doubt’s Allure;
Residing in the Heart Secure,
Adorned in Stark Sincerity,
To Save the Self from Doubt’s Allure,
Conviction of Identity!

©Meanderings 2016

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Be Thoughtful!


Ill Conceived,
Freely Proferred,
Founder Soon on Rocks of Adversity!

©Meanderings 2016