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Greetings from Bushka!

Greetings! (WP)


Sincere apologies for my protracted silence here…..No discourtesy intended to anyone of my treasured friends and followers. 😇 Some of you have kindly enquired after my well-being…….ALL IS WELL!

After a super time in Germany and Austria over the festive season, I found, upon my return, that I have, somehow, lost my enthusiasm for ‘blogging’. Admittedly, I am otherwise occupied which diminishes my time and inclination to be here.

In the light of generous comments from some of my friends and followers I hope to resume posting my ‘Sunday Sonnet’ for the foreseeable future.

I am not sure how regular I shall be interacting with posts and comments. No discourtesy intended….🤷

I wish you ALL WELL……May Good Fortune smile on you whatever you do…wherever you go!

God Bless!



Sunday Sonnet!



Anticipation warmed within our hearts
As we imagined seeing kith and kin,
Aware that untowards can play their parts,
Attend, all joy with hope to underpin;
Add to all plans the spice of simple trust,
A leaven that eternally endures;
Assistance, all Divine, regards the just
And wholesome blessed endings e’er ensures;
Without ill intervention jaunt ensued,
Enriched by fulsome pleasure all the way;
To everyone, encountered, joy accrued,
Creating lasting memories each day.
Laudate Deum for felicity,
That freely flowed, through gen’rous hearts, to me.

© Meanderings ’17


To All My Friends…..


As many of you may have noticed, I have not been as active/present around here for some weeks – going back to late September.


I have been otherwise occupied…not least with visiting daughter in Germany…and writing.

We are soon off on an extended holiday in South Africa….until after New Year.

Will be revisiting the much loved Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and back….

Since there is never a guarantee of getting ‘online’ I am unlikely to be very active here or elsewhere;

Moreover, if/when I comment on any posts, reactions will be notified and my E-mail box is likely to be flooded.

So, I might well be ‘reading’ posts and ‘reacting’ to them but will refrain from posting comments..or posting anything on my blogs.

Deo Volente, departure is scheduled for end of month….return early January.

May I now wish you all, Festive Season Blessings…and Good Wishes for 2017!!!

Be thinking of you…

God Bless!

Sunday Sonnet!


With gratitude my heart adorns this day,
Replete with benedictions from above,
Deserving of a priceless prayer bouquet,
For fourscore years of untold gracious love;
From birth His presence shielded me from harm,
Although it did not always seem that way,
When ‘Untoward’ assailed, causing alarm
Threat’ning o’er self and fam’ly to hold sway,
Through loyal kith and kin, His love prevailed,
Occasioning no Rubicon be crossed;
In Autumn years new person is unveiled,
To all with sensitivity embossed,
Let all the world in dulcet tones extol
The good God that today embrace my soul!

©Meanderings 2016

Rictameter #3


Night falls,
Nature retires,
Insomniacs prepare
For silent, lonely hours ahead,
Acceptant of their sad, nocturnal plight,
Though always wishing otherwise
That, like fam’ly and friends,
They can smile when –
Night falls!

©Meanderings 2016