The Rock!


Yours is not the only butt
To grace my well-worn surface,
Most passers-by
Cast weary eye
And smile with signal purpose.

Precious few will spare a thought,
When putting down their carcass,
With heart-felt sigh
Or moaning cry
Complaining ’bout my hardness.

Diverse dimensions are the bods,
Who come to seek some respite here,
From raking lean
To rotund mean,
Toady toddlers through advancing years.

Well trod walkway much has caught;
Ably sheltered by brother tree,
Couples’ tiffs,
Lovers’ trysts,
Resolved. and consummated be.

Not only is my comfort sought
By weary walkers but their dogs,
Will urinate
Upon my state,
Leaving me all sullied and agog.

I am here, this is my lot,
Consolation, confidante,
Firm and strong,
However long,
Constancy my enduring stance.

©Late Harvest 2009

26 responses to “The Rock!

  1. Fabulous photograph and poem. Brought a smile to my face, so thanks! 😃

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  2. I feel bad for that rock that I left my brother’s dog pee on now! (not that I could have stopped her). This is an intriguing look at life from the rock’s perspective and who knew it led such a social life?

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  3. What a great combination this photo and your words. It had a fiction tone to it. I loved this piece. A fresh feel for you.

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  4. Such a wonderful poem again Bushka. In fact the point of view is so unique and fresh! I love that the first person is an object (I always love content like this!) and you have put beautiful emotions into a rock!

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  5. I did enjoy this, marvelous!xxx

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  7. You put a lot of effort into this one. Take a rest somewhere..

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  8. Oh, the tales of all the tails that rock could tell!!…:)

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  9. Oh wow this is fun and sweet. You certainly have a sense of humor. I love this photo of the bench. Hugs hugs hugs TGIF TOO

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