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Sunday Sonnet!



When I of mortal treadmill take my leave,
A destiny no being can escape –
However much some would themselves deceive,
Or others, Fate’s arrival would reshape –
All what-has-beens form part of who I am,
Be they of scaling hills or sliding downs,
Even when level living seemed a sham,
Or future promise be replete with crowns;
For what has gone before or what shall be,
Much not unduly spiced with deep regret,
Rich blessings from above shall set me free,
And lessons learnt I never shall forget;
We grow with every modicum of breath,
From birth, through life, until embraced by death!

©Meanderings 2016



Sunday Sonnet

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Leave not to Chance whatever is to be,
Like devastated gambler left forlorn,
Or someone who succumbs to destiny,
To elements exposed like sheep late shorn;
Though Future never fully can be known,
Save by the Might within whose Hand it lies,
The seed of Hope within each soul is sown,
The fruit of which predictions oft defies;
Slide not into the quicksand of despair,
When untowards life’s passage overrun,
Stay anchored to the paragon of care,
Whose constancy can never be undone;
Leave not to Chance whatever is to be,
Let Love provide aegis for you and me!

©Meanderings 2017


Palm Sunday!



Ecstatic crowds their guest acclaim,
Advancing on a donkey’s back,
Oblivious to their destined shame
That shall be writ on History’s plaque.

Grand Masters with approval hear,
Ecstatic crowds their guest acclaim,
Their deeper residential fear,
Conspire masses’ ire to blame.

The faithful in confusion, lame,
The way with palms and cloaks bedeck,
Ecstatic crowds their guest acclaim –
Did this a Nation’s future wreck?

Only reflection would define,
Immortalized by rider’s name,
That all this happened by design,
Ecstatic crowds their guest acclaim!

© Meanderings 2016



Down lonely avenue of naked trees,
Disconsolate Doubt goes wandering wearily,
Frantic familiar face before him flees,
As though he’s set upon his destiny,

Preoccupied with demons of unease,
Barely a smidge of hope to underpin,
He fails to sense a cause for inner peace,
Close by his side walks Faith his brother Twin!

©Meanderings 2016

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