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Sunday Sonnet!


A smiling stillness bathes the sunlit wood
Enhancing Autumn colours of the leaves,
As ramblers idly amble, feeling good,
Engaging flights of fancy none perceives;
Few bees, with butterflies, caress fair blooms,
Imbibing nectar, gathering fine spores
To place elsewhere, like dedicated grooms,
Transition oft accomplished without pause;
Attend, the charm of Nature to behold –
Let senses, all, the miracles embrace
And open souls be filled with joy untold,
Becoming of a gift of Divine Grace;
If wonder be the basis of all being,
Then ponder be the reason for all seeing!

©Meanderings 2016

Summer Mini-Monos #3


See the blooms
Cheer who glooms,
Coloured plumes
Goldfinch grooms,
Pleasure booms!

Winsome smiles
Enhance styles,
On these Isles,
Banish guiles
Thousand miles!

©Meanderings 2016

Lanturne #6


Colour filled
Bloom Arrangements,

©Meanderings 2016


Elfje #5


Het hallol

Stunning Sunsets,
Wrapped in Pleasant Climes,
Captivate retired local amblers –

©Meanderings 2016

Tot Ziens

Sunday Sonnet #1


Kaleidoscopic colours flood the fields,
With over-generous glut of Nature’s bloom,
To all and sundry ambler pleasure yields,
No time or space for any kind of gloom;
The skylark, high above, its dulcet tune,
With gay abandon renders to the air;
The sun will reach its zenith after noon
When ramblers will to shady trees repair;
A gentle stillness permeates each breath
That dares to proffer praises to the gods,
While timid footsteps venture forth with stealth,
Leaving our grateful hearts to feel at odds.
There’s Beauty in this Life for all to share,
So seek and find these treasures, O, so rare!

©Meanderings 2016