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Clarity Pyramid #5



Essential for Life,
Food for Living Creatures,
Oft forgotten by Privileged,

Deprivation sounds a Death knell!

©Meanderings 2016

All My Friends! Please Note!


Tempus Fugit! Indeed! 22nd July – just gone, marked a year of my being part of this fantastic Blog Community. I have made many friends in that year….from across the world. I shall always treasure your friendships from which I have learnt much. Inevitably, one develops closer interaction with some more so than with others. I am no exception and shall always remember with great fondness some of my friends here.
Wait! This is NO Farewell….Nay!
First, I need to say ‘Thank You’ to ALL of you….perhaps…perhaps more so to a few….nonetheless heartfelt gratitude to ALL!
Second, I’ve had to take stock of ‘Time’, ‘Interests’, ‘Obligations’ and many other ‘Commitments’ – some of which have been ‘short-circuited’ to enable me to indulge my penchant for blogging.
I have been re-assessing priorities which necessitates spending less time on my blog….and less frequently as I have been wont to do over the past year.
I shall continue to write my poetry and post some of it though not as often and as regularly as in the past.
Your posts will be accessed as often as possible, though I may not be able to comment as religiously as I am inclined to do…..
Hopefully, you will continue to visit my blogs and comment as you feel inclined.
Keep your eye on my blogs….

God Bless!

Love and Hugs!

B…/ E….. 😉

Brevette #2


L u b r i c a t e s

©Meanderings 2016

Brevette #1


F a c i l i t a t e s

©Meanderings 2016


(The Brevette, created by Emily Romano consists of a subject (noun), verb, and object (noun), in this exact order. The verb should show an ongoing action. This is done by spacing out the letters in the verb. There are only three words in the poem, giving it the title Brevette.)

Rictameter #2


Fair-haired damsel,
In light-grey suit attired,
Demure smile gracing her fetching face,
Ambled down spacious college passageway,
Turning admiring, ogling heads,
Young student ventured forth,
Good Morning Ms

©Meanderings 2016