Elfje #5


Het hallol

Stunning Sunsets,
Wrapped in Pleasant Climes,
Captivate retired local amblers –

©Meanderings 2016

Tot Ziens

10 responses to “Elfje #5

  1. Summer is coming for you. We have had wintery weather down here today.

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  2. Mann Kaundal

    Sunsets have a capacity of captivating not only retired amblers but all of us, especially people in love- staring at the setting sun and weave future dreams together…is their best moment.

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  3. Ah, nightfall and the setting light. My favorite time of day! Wonderful, Bushka!! 😊 Hugs!


  4. Sunsets are amazing. Lovely words.


  5. beautiful . Nature at its finest


  6. Sounds like nirvana to ne too 🙂


  7. moonskittles

    I love when the sky is lit up with farewell colors.
    Dajena ❤


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