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Sunday Sonnet!



Arresting fragrance muted crowded room,
Attention on maid at messiah’s feet,
Her tears and flowing hair his feet entombed,
Which gesture overflowed with love replete;
Such costly unction could sustain the poor,
Appalled, said he who held the common purse,
Let Be! Few can the master more adore
Save she who pending future here rehearse;
Has ever such devotion been displayed,
Or heartfelt passion bared for all to see?
Societal niceties she disobeyed,
Deigning in honesty herself to be.
Devotion from the heart on treasure spent,
Its selfless sacrifice shall ne’er lament!

©Meanderings 2018


Sunday Sonnet #1


Kaleidoscopic colours flood the fields,
With over-generous glut of Nature’s bloom,
To all and sundry ambler pleasure yields,
No time or space for any kind of gloom;
The skylark, high above, its dulcet tune,
With gay abandon renders to the air;
The sun will reach its zenith after noon
When ramblers will to shady trees repair;
A gentle stillness permeates each breath
That dares to proffer praises to the gods,
While timid footsteps venture forth with stealth,
Leaving our grateful hearts to feel at odds.
There’s Beauty in this Life for all to share,
So seek and find these treasures, O, so rare!

©Meanderings 2016