Sunday Sonnet #1


Kaleidoscopic colours flood the fields,
With over-generous glut of Nature’s bloom,
To all and sundry ambler pleasure yields,
No time or space for any kind of gloom;
The skylark, high above, its dulcet tune,
With gay abandon renders to the air;
The sun will reach its zenith after noon
When ramblers will to shady trees repair;
A gentle stillness permeates each breath
That dares to proffer praises to the gods,
While timid footsteps venture forth with stealth,
Leaving our grateful hearts to feel at odds.
There’s Beauty in this Life for all to share,
So seek and find these treasures, O, so rare!

Β©Meanderings 2016

15 responses to “Sunday Sonnet #1

  1. Love this- wonderful thing to read first thing in the morning (er… Or noon, as it is now) 😬

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  2. every word -just felt like I was reading a poem written from a long gone by era. Love the dulcet tone bit especially So much joy to be found in life. πŸ™‚

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  3. Great words for your approaching summer.

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  4. Mann Kaundal

    Yes there’s is beauty in everything, only we have to open our eyes to see it and live it. Beautiful.

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  5. moonskittles

    The serenity and beauty of this sonnet makes the heart sing for joy!
    Dajena ❀

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  6. “There’s Beauty in this Life for all to share,
    So seek and find these treasures, O, so rare!”

    super…Shakespeare could not have said it better. That striped tulip leaves one gasping… πŸ™‚


  7. Such beautiful words! A truly lovely sonnet. Hugs!! 😊


  8. Indeed life’s treasures are so rare they must be sought and appreciated.

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