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Sunday Sonnet!



Anticipation warmed within our hearts
As we imagined seeing kith and kin,
Aware that untowards can play their parts,
Attend, all joy with hope to underpin;
Add to all plans the spice of simple trust,
A leaven that eternally endures;
Assistance, all Divine, regards the just
And wholesome blessed endings e’er ensures;
Without ill intervention jaunt ensued,
Enriched by fulsome pleasure all the way;
To everyone, encountered, joy accrued,
Creating lasting memories each day.
Laudate Deum for felicity,
That freely flowed, through gen’rous hearts, to me.

© Meanderings ’17


Sunday Sonnet!


Few precious moments lapse each gifted day
That gratitude deserts my mindfulness;
Few opportune occasions fail to say
What faltering word and sound cannot express;
Felicitations undeserved abound,
Though vain presumption seeks their joy to mar,
None my appreciation shall confound,
Nor leave within my heart unseemly scar;
Encouraged by a simple word of thanks,
The soul of low esteem shall be affirmed,
As dividends provided by all banks,
Thus self-belief shall grow the longer termed.
The more we freely offer words of praise,
The more self-worth of others we shall raise!

©Meanderings 2016

Give Thanks!!!


Rose (WP)


How quickly fades life’s goodness out of sight,
While mem’ry lingers longest with the blight,
Appreciation vent,
Ingratitude lament,
Fill giver and receiver with delight!

© Meanderings 2015