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Sunday Sonnet!

Home Front (WP)

He sits in stillness, somnolent, and stares
Into the setting sun’s declining rays,
Divested from the day’s disabling cares,
The breathless air an inner calm conveys;
Upon the gentle, rocking, rippling, waves,
Serene seagulls submit to Neptune’s charms,
Whose guile the hapless fisherman enslaves,
Or victims of outrageous storms embalms;
Thus be the course of floating ship of thought,
Unanchored, at behest of lilting breeze,
Effectuating consequences unsought,
To leave mere mortal man wonder with ease;
Convergence of the setting sun and sea,
Precipitates relaxing reverie.

©Meanderings 2016

Vernal Advent!


Crisp, clear azure skies,
Balmy sun enfolds the soul;
Winter welcomes Spring!

On the promenade
Frisky toddlers tease their mums;
Catch me if you can!

Comfy wooden bench,
Under the seaside shelter-
Old amblers recline!

©Mindful Musings 2013


IMG_4678 (WP)

Bold and Brave!!!

As darkness creeps across the Eastern sky,
The Winter Sunset entertains the spry,
Along deserted beach,
Beyond the water’s reach,
Octogenarians their stroll apply.

© Meanderings 2016

Day After…..

Resting Gull (WP)

Just Resting….

smile emoticon kolobok

The promenade with jaded amblers teem,
Their self-indulgent excess to redeem,
Surfeit of ‘Eat and Drink’,
Brings Good Health to the brink,
A balanced Way of Life shall be the dream.

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok