Day After…..

Resting Gull (WP)

Just Resting….

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The promenade with jaded amblers teem,
Their self-indulgent excess to redeem,
Surfeit of ‘Eat and Drink’,
Brings Good Health to the brink,
A balanced Way of Life shall be the dream.

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

18 responses to “Day After…..

  1. Not a day for promenading here,
    Rain teeming down for many hours
    No sign of respite. Tempted to comfort nibble.
    Not a good idea, but…..
    My thoughts lie with the Cumbrians and people in Tayside and the south of Scotland,
    We saw many flood plains doing their job on our journey yesterday, however, there were flooded areas too close to habitation for comfort. Today many roads are closed as impassable.

    Maybe tomorrow, I’ll get some walking in, weather permitting.


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    • Yes, I’ve just been reading about the flooding up north…devastating in some parts….Some familiar sites in Yorkshire astounded us……Phew! Hopefully, some respite on the morrow. 🙄
      P.S. Might as well do a bit of ‘comfort nibbling’. 😉

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  2. Yes, it’s so easy to over-indulge! I too wish I could get out and walk but like Mennhir it’s still endless rain. xxx

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    • Mmmm….not difficult to ‘overdo’ anything….Peer pressure…let alone circumstantial pressure…can be extremely insidious… Exercise of any kind will do…. 😉 Now that opens up mind-boggling possibilities. 😉 Let’s Enjoy!! Hugs! ❤

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  3. Something I used to do…just a little when i was much younger. Just a couple of tipples on Christmas afternoon. Tis a bit wet in parts of Olde England. Very nice and warm in young New Zealand though.

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    • Ha! Ha! Yeah! Pretty wet in some parts.Not that bad – for now – down here on the south coast…. 😉 Could do with some of your heat…not too much though. 🙂


  4. The gull seems content to sit and contemplate the enormity of the surroundings. Very nice imagery. I like the “promenade with jaded amblers teem…”

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  5. *Cheers* The imagery in the lines is exquisite–makes me want to get out and take a stroll :-), eh, but its a wee bit bitter in my neck of the woods. As always, peace & love.

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