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From darkness into dawn of burgeoning light,
Distracted soul pursues the solemn rite,
A lifestyle to review,
Old pledges to renew,
Rejuvenated spirit to ignite!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

19 responses to “Advent!

  1. Very well put…..and the perfect photograph to go with the words. xx

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  2. oops, nearly missed the first day of my e-advent calendar !! ❗

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  3. A lovely summary of the spiritual ‘tasks’ of Advent – and the perfect flower in the right liturgical colour!

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  4. Forward to new life. Great image. Elliot.

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  5. Bushka, apropos the email matter. I checked the notification I received from
    you. Most of the other notifications I receive show an email address, yours did not. This may give a clue as to what has been happening, to someone in the know.

    Just a thought, Is your email inserted in your Gravatar area?

    You might have the issue fixed, in which case, please disregard. 🙂

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    • Not fixed yet….don’t know where to go. Have left messages….to reply. Will check on my Gravitar….Thanks. Much appreciate. Would love to get this sorted….stands in the way of my venturing further here on WordPress. 😉


    • Bushka, I have received a second notification from you (sometimes I get two in different places) the second did have an email address. This is a C+ P, showing your IP address and I wonder if TT are part of your problem. They have enormously underplayed their security breaches. There are sectors of the population who have not been officially included in the stats for it.

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      It is remarkably mild down here…. 😉

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      • Most interesting….I have just tweaked my Gravitar…adding my WordPress Url. Might have something to do with that….Will have to wait and see. 😉 Hugs!


  6. What a beautiful poem and pic. Hope you have the comments issue sorted now!xxx

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