All Shall Be Well!

Raindrops (WP)

Take Heart!

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Let not vile thoughts of failure spawn despair,
Nor vision of a better life impair,
Let Faith your cause impel,
Disabling Doubt excel,
Sustaining efforts all with humble prayer!

Too often do we waver on our way,
Preferring Faith’s assurance to gainsay,
Perchance a hapless past,
Our confidence recast,
Yet Grace shall all anxieties allay!

As Father Time observes each passing year
Opining that we are but guested here,
He beams a caring smile,
Our fears to reconcile,
For to Divine Creator we are dear!

©  Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

10 responses to “All Shall Be Well!

  1. What a lovely poem, and how true – we so often lose the ‘bigger picture’.

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  2. What a comforting

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  3. Very enjoyable! I believe that the older one becomes the more the picture clears…and the more it brightens.

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  4. excellent. X

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  5. Great words and comments Elliot. As we age we mature and dont’ ( or shouldn’t) make the same mistakes again.

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  6. Sometimes we rush about too mucch without pausing.A very good poem.:)xx

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