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Sunday Sonnet

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Leave not to Chance whatever is to be,
Like devastated gambler left forlorn,
Or someone who succumbs to destiny,
To elements exposed like sheep late shorn;
Though Future never fully can be known,
Save by the Might within whose Hand it lies,
The seed of Hope within each soul is sown,
The fruit of which predictions oft defies;
Slide not into the quicksand of despair,
When untowards life’s passage overrun,
Stay anchored to the paragon of care,
Whose constancy can never be undone;
Leave not to Chance whatever is to be,
Let Love provide aegis for you and me!

©Meanderings 2017


Elfje #3


Het hallol

Blooming Tulips,
Relishing the Sunshine,
Vivify the downcast spirit –

©Meanderings 2016

Tot Ziens


Being There….


Contented voices chant the sacred hours
Throughout each gifted day,
Their constancy the spirit’s lag empowers,
Promotes the time to pray,
Anxieties allay!

© Meanderings 2016

Foreign Visitors….?

Rose - B...R...(WP)

From Afar…..

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While Mother tends her newly born with care,
The Magi Three their journey thence prepare,
With Camels from afar,
Led by mysterious Star,
Impelled by overwhelming Spirit rare.

© Meanderings 2015

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Tulip (WP)


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From darkness into dawn of burgeoning light,
Distracted soul pursues the solemn rite,
A lifestyle to review,
Old pledges to renew,
Rejuvenated spirit to ignite!

© Meanderings 2015

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