Rictameter #2


Fair-haired damsel,
In light-grey suit attired,
Demure smile gracing her fetching face,
Ambled down spacious college passageway,
Turning admiring, ogling heads,
Young student ventured forth,
Good Morning Ms

Β©Meanderings 2016

34 responses to “Rictameter #2

  1. Beautiful words and oh what a glorious rose:)xxx

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  2. Reminded me of my first day of college!! The hesitations and expectations instilling fear and assurance all at once,..

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  3. aw now I’m happy to be a member of the petite ladies club! What a wonderful poem!

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  4. Oh, I am a lover of petite ladius. My Allie is a bit over 5 feet. Great write,.

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  5. What a rose.. beautiful. And your poem,nice.:)

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  6. Lovely words and a lovely rose!! Hugs! 😊


  7. Beautiful rose for a petite learner.

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  8. !!!!! This was soooooo good! and so fun to read. I love love love this form. Thanks for introducing it…well at least to me!^_^!

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  9. ooooooh this is delightful! πŸ™‚

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