Daily Archives: December 16, 2018

That Time of Year…..


Indeed! Tempus Fugit!

I shall be away….for the next few weeks. Off to Austria – Tuesday – to spend Christmas and New Year with daughter and the family.

Yes, they have now moved to Austria….husband is now Chief Hospital Consultant. So, we’re off into Voralberg…close to border with Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

I’m unlikely to be around here…on the blog much. I might…just might pop in from time to time to keep in touch.

May you all have a Blessed Festive Season! Whatever you do..or do not do….Have Peace and Goodwill in your hearts! Be Generous…and Be Blest!

See you in the New Year which, I pray, will bring you much joy!

Take Care!

Sunday Sonnet!



Awash with mesmerising coloured lights,
Resounding with enduring festive song,
The malls of mammon, teeming with delights,
Seductive to the pleasure-seeking throng;
From babe in arms to grey-haired doddering dad,
With little or with surfeit wherewithal,
Whether in velvet or in sackcloth clad,
Perennial mystery holds all in thrall;
Yet few in faith hold feast in close embrace,
While most succumb to man’s insidious greed;
Would that good sense such madness could replace,
Then Jubilate Deum might succeed.
Prodigal grace to creatures all extends,
Pernicious recompense for none commends.

©Meanderings 2018