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Sunday Sonnet!

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Benedictions in my life abound,
Bestowed, unearned, by gen’rous Grace Divine,
Yet, fear-filled thoughts my trust in Him confound,
Preventing would and would-not to align;
As though in constant conflict they engage,
Stalwarts of Doubt and Faith heave to and fro;
Instead of seeking suffering to assuage,
They seem to thrive on propagating woe;
Can Hope, so deeply rooted in the heart,
Restore semblance of sanity in mind,
Lest vestiges of trust from me depart,
Phantoms of emptiness be left behind?
Recount your benedictions giving thanks,
As curative, it as the premier ranks.

©Meanderings 2018



Sunday Sonnet!



How little time within each gifted day,
Distracted by seductive transient thought,
We find a word of gratitude to say
For unearned blessings freely life has brought;
Pre-occupied with matters that decay,
Fixated on pursuit of worldly wares,
Surprisingly we stop in sheer dismay,
When over-burdened with unasked-for cares;
Mere mortals would themselves disquiet save,
Were they upon true values to reflect,
And such that must desert them at the grave,
With hope-inspired confidence reject;
More wholesome be a dose of daily thanks,
Than dividend and interest from the banks.

©Meanderings 2018





That time of year again….

I shall be away….for the next few weeks. Off to Germany – Tuesday – to spend Christmas and New Year with daughter and the family. I’m unlikely to be around here…on the blog much. I might…just might pop in from time to time to keep in touch.

May you all have a Blessed Festive Season! Whatever you do..or do not do….Have Peace and Goodwill in your hearts! Be Generous…and Be Blest!

See you in the New Year which, I pray, will bring you much joy!

Take Care!


Sunday Sonnet!



When I of mortal treadmill take my leave,
A destiny no being can escape –
However much some would themselves deceive,
Or others, Fate’s arrival would reshape –
All what-has-beens form part of who I am,
Be they of scaling hills or sliding downs,
Even when level living seemed a sham,
Or future promise be replete with crowns;
For what has gone before or what shall be,
Much not unduly spiced with deep regret,
Rich blessings from above shall set me free,
And lessons learnt I never shall forget;
We grow with every modicum of breath,
From birth, through life, until embraced by death!

©Meanderings 2016


To All My Friends…..


As many of you may have noticed, I have not been as active/present around here for some weeks – going back to late September.


I have been otherwise occupied…not least with visiting daughter in Germany…and writing.

We are soon off on an extended holiday in South Africa….until after New Year.

Will be revisiting the much loved Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and back….

Since there is never a guarantee of getting ‘online’ I am unlikely to be very active here or elsewhere;

Moreover, if/when I comment on any posts, reactions will be notified and my E-mail box is likely to be flooded.

So, I might well be ‘reading’ posts and ‘reacting’ to them but will refrain from posting comments..or posting anything on my blogs.

Deo Volente, departure is scheduled for end of month….return early January.

May I now wish you all, Festive Season Blessings…and Good Wishes for 2017!!!

Be thinking of you…

God Bless!