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Sunday Sonnet!



Awash with mesmerising coloured lights,
Resounding with enduring festive song,
The malls of mammon, teeming with delights,
Seductive to the pleasure-seeking throng;
From babe in arms to grey-haired doddering dad,
With little or with surfeit wherewithal,
Whether in velvet or in sackcloth clad,
Perennial mystery holds all in thrall;
Yet few in faith hold feast in close embrace,
While most succumb to man’s insidious greed;
Would that good sense such madness could replace,
Then Jubilate Deum might succeed.
Prodigal grace to creatures all extends,
Pernicious recompense for none commends.

©Meanderings 2018


Palm Sunday Sonnet!

Knowing all(WP))


Ebullient crowds bedecked the way with palms,
Their expectations echoed far and wide,
No indication of prospective qualms
As they extolled your meek, majestic ride;
Where were your mother and your closest friends?
Had you not warned them of the risks ahead?
Perchance, they questioned not your selfless ends,
Perceiving your reflecting little dread;
Into each life there comes a day like this,
More often unannounced though not sans fear,
Staring into dark, bottomless abyss,
Who would have thought redemption to be near?
So dark can be the night before the dawn,
Yet, from such emptiness new life is born!

©Meanderings 2017


Palm Sunday!



Ecstatic crowds their guest acclaim,
Advancing on a donkey’s back,
Oblivious to their destined shame
That shall be writ on History’s plaque.

Grand Masters with approval hear,
Ecstatic crowds their guest acclaim,
Their deeper residential fear,
Conspire masses’ ire to blame.

The faithful in confusion, lame,
The way with palms and cloaks bedeck,
Ecstatic crowds their guest acclaim –
Did this a Nation’s future wreck?

Only reflection would define,
Immortalized by rider’s name,
That all this happened by design,
Ecstatic crowds their guest acclaim!

© Meanderings 2016