Sunday Sonnet!

robin on branch(WP)


Tap-tapping gently on the window pain,
Red robin rouses man asleep in chair,
Who, thinking it might merely be the rain,
Bestirs, then dozes off without a care;
Insistent little redbreast taps once more,
This time with greater passion in his call,
The old man stirs, as he had done before,
Raises reluctant eyelids, narrow, small –
Two tiny eyes invade the fog of age,
Occasioning a burgeoning, happy smile;
One’s needs the other’s kindness thus engage,
To make their co-existence prove worthwhile;
No better world there ever can be known,
With reciprocity the cornerstone!

Β© Meanderings 2017


20 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. Hugs, sweet friend.

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  2. Just calling on an old friend. Nice little image. Notice we are back with WP again Elliot?

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  3. Yet another beautiful and vividly expressed composition . Loved it .

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  4. Fabulous photo with wonderful words.

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  5. Just loved this! So sweet. Lovely robin

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  6. This sounds like a personal experience! How magical, if so.

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  7. Really beautiful. I so love seeing a robin.

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  8. It’s so easy to take for granted the moments in our life -as they appear. Reciprocation is strength humans over look. I imagine your garden to be magical. Or… is it all about perspective? After all we see what we want to see. Thought provoking. Love the pauses- πŸ˜‰

    Who, thinking it might merely be the rain,
    Bestirs, then dozes off without a care

    These lines say so much to me- Humans, assumptions, actions and choices – wonderful as always!

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