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Iambics #6



  • Well Done!
    Proud parents’ son,
    Surprising everyone,
    Succeeded all the odds to stun,
    The struggle ‘gainst his illness is now won!



100 Today….Not Out!


For Vi…..

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For Vi!

With gratitude we celebrate her birth,
One hundred years ago on London’s earth,
A lady sweet and kind,
A Life for others, mind,
A treasure to be cherished for her worth.

Her gen’rous disposition knows no bound,
Her selfless caring nature rarely found,
Devoted to her son,
Concern for everyone,
Her life will to the general good redound.

May blessings now descend on dotage years,
Contentment save her from untoward fears,
Serenity embrace
Her fortitude with grace,
That at the end for her there be no tears!

© Meanderings 2016

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Candle (WP)

The Moment!!!

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In December late,
Whatsoever be the clime,
Time to celebrate!

© Meanderings 2015

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Another year is come and gone
Like every other year;
That which is done is left undone.
The future never fear,
A pristine page is clear!

The present moment celebrate,
On unknown never fret;
The Lord will always navigate,
In confidence do bet –
He bids you ne’er forget!

Let gratitude each day adorn
With odes of fulsome praise;
In downcast hearts new joys are born
When into hope they gaze –
Promise of fairer days!

© Meanderings 2015.

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