Haiku @ Home #4

IMG_9724 (WP)

Windows open wide
Flooding rooms with Summer sun,
Salve for lonely hearts!

Β©Meanderings 2015

31 responses to “Haiku @ Home #4

  1. Yes, sunshine is so uplifting! Beautiful poetry.

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  2. I love sitting in the sun, even if I do need dark glasses. πŸ™‚

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  3. beautiful butterfly and he/she looks as if he/she’s lonesome for some flowers to flutter over.

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  4. I love to have wide open windows….and your butterfly would be most welcome:)xxx

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  5. Beautiful butterfly and haiku…

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  6. Our current sunshine down here is like comparing lemonade with champagne.

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  7. Amazing butterfly and words that followed.

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  8. Love the Haiku, and what an interesting butterfly!

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