Strike the flint!
Catch the spark!
Bone dry wood begin to smoulder;
Slender tufts of smoke,
Fanned by draughts of air,
Grow hurriedly
As glowing embers
Tongue their liquid flames…..
New Fire!

©Late Harvest 2009

21 responses to “Dawn!!!

  1. good day to you, sir 🌄

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  2. and so the morning explodes at sunrise, as does a fire from embers. Nice way to begin the morning–thank you! 🙂

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  3. A little chilly here this morning. Need that fire. Be well.

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  4. Excellent description of the Son Rise…:)

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  5. Wonderful!! The spark of a new dawn awaits. We only have to have faith! Hugs!

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  6. Oh I love this one too. It’s so full of action and crammed with meaning. Well done! You have sparked something here 😉

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  7. Wow.. I read your last posts in one breath and felt satisfied! 🙂 Love your perceptive eyes!

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