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Sunday Sonnet!

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Let not concern for what is yet to be,
Despoil the even tenor of your way,
For no one can beyond the present see,
As all must needs await the morrow’s day;
Insomnia feeds off disquiet soul,
Affecting disposition overall,
Until masters of reason lose control,
Hurtling headlong into a fatal fall;
Be mindful of the Easter Dawn of hope,
As vernal blossoms countryside adorn,
Regenerated faith with doubt shall cope,
When positive perception is reborn.
Let constant trust in goodness e’er reside,
That grace for all tomorrows shall provide.

©Meanderings 2018




Strike the flint!
Catch the spark!
Bone dry wood begin to smoulder;
Slender tufts of smoke,
Fanned by draughts of air,
Grow hurriedly
As glowing embers
Tongue their liquid flames…..
New Fire!

©Late Harvest 2009