All is night!
Locked in utter darkness,
Dank, cold, still,

Soundless stirrings,
Unseen movements,
Heighten the sense of awe!

Slowly, unstoppably,
An unfolding
Like petals of the rosebud;
An unfurling,
As of the fern-frond;
A stretching, outward bending –

The blackness of the night
Begins to ebb;
Giving way to growing greyness;
Unhurriedly they interchange,

Fearful, eager eyes
Peer through the clearing haze
Into a gaping void;
Out of darkness,
Out of emptiness,

© Late Harvest 2009

18 responses to “Easter!

  1. Beautifully written. Happy Easter.

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  2. I really like that bushka.X

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  3. Happy Easter Bushka, what a beautiful poem and photograph. Arum lilies are so graceful, I have them in my Cyprus garden, I expect I am missing their flowering…


  4. The perfect poem for an Easter morn, hugs

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  5. Lovely words Elliot. Hope you had a great Easter with your family.

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  6. Cesar Lardies

    Happy Easter!

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  7. It may have taken me a couple of days to get here, but I did lol. This is so beautifully written! Many blessings my friend! Hugs!

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