Septolet #6 – Vestal Verity!


The Truth,
Lies prevail;

Vestal Verity,
Cultured in Sincerity,
Births enduring relationships!

©Meanderings 2016


18 responses to “Septolet #6 – Vestal Verity!

  1. A magnificent image and I beautiful words. Have a lovely Monday and week ahead…janet. xx

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  2. wow, hugs. This is an awesome little poem!

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  3. Beautiful words. We should always search for truth in evereything we do.

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  4. Powerful and meaningful in just a few words!

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  5. Short and straight to the point. Lovely image.

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  6. Wonderful, and such a pure image.

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  7. Wonderful words!! Hugs!!

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