Watch with Me….


Will you stay here and watch with me?
His quiet voice entreated them,
For no one knew what was to be,
That ruthless greed him would condemn.

In anguish to his friends he turned,
Will you stay here and watch with me?
How easily deep need is spurned,
Priorities elsewhere decree!

Would that all humans could foresee,
A time when everyone could plead,
Will you stay here and watch with me,
Alerts us all a need to heed!

Alas, too often do we rue,
When hangs the victim on a tree,
To hear that call whilst with the few,
Will you stay here and watch with me?

©Meanderings 2016

23 responses to “Watch with Me….

  1. Your words are so caring and responsive to people in need! Beautiful!

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  2. This is one of your best. So beautiful. It made me think of recent times where people choose to film things with the cell phone cameras rather than give a helping hand. It happened in in NY last year. When a was pushed onto the train tracks and no one assisted him as he cried for help. They preferred to record his death. Sorry for bringing up this ugly tragedy, but it reminded me of how people are deaf to the pleas of those in desperate need.

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  3. yes I’ll stay and watch with thee… what a powerful poem. So perfect for this Holy week.

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  4. This is beautiful…thank you. xx

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  5. Appropriate words this week.

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  6. What a beautiful, poignant poem, I read it several times. Very

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  7. An appropriate wonderful poem not only for the Holy week, but for then present situation which will not end this week, I fear. The rain drops hanging at the flower look like tears about unsufficent help.

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  8. very welll done…appropriate for the season… 🙂

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