Time’s Treatment!

Rising tongues (WP)

Healing Flames…

When things go wrong within our daily lives,
The seed of doubt on our misfortune thrives,
On Inner strength rely,
All easy opts decry,
Ever the Sands of Time resolve contrives!

© Meanderings 2016

41 responses to “Time’s Treatment!

  1. wifeyhereandnow

    Hello Bushka – hope all is well at your end of the world. Your words reminded me of some writings I found on a postcard many years ago (which I kept as inspiration for those ‘dark’ moments). I’ve posted those words up on my blog – but i’d like to say thankyou for your post today – it has inspired me! Tally Ho! Wifey.

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  2. Your writings are like fine wine. Open and let breathe to get the full flavour 😉

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  3. At last I have found time to visit your new abode Bushka !
    Your poem was just what I needed today. Feeling a bit under the weather and off to bed for an early night.
    Will be back soon.
    Keggy x

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  4. I do like this. And the flames, I’m sitting in front of the log burner….yes, we all need to call on our inner strength.xxx

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  5. dependence on oneself brings solutions to light

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  6. Loved this. It is our inner strength that can guide us through adversity. Well done.

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