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Sunday Sonnet!



He sat, distraught, upon the broken bench,
A dark cloud, fast approaching from the east,
Behind his back a wreck dispensed its stench,
While at his feet lie shattered dreams, deceased.
But yesterday, he saw a fresh new dawn,
Yet flames of cruel misfortune intervened
To leave today and future naked, shorn,
A mass of diverse human lives demeaned.
Alas! Within the quagmire of distress,
Compassion sounds the clarion call of hope,
Largesse, response of human kindliness,
Providing all necessities to cope.
Out of the ashes of despairing pain,
Phoenix of Will to Live will rise again!

©Meanderings 2017


Time’s Treatment!

Rising tongues (WP)

Healing Flames…

When things go wrong within our daily lives,
The seed of doubt on our misfortune thrives,
On Inner strength rely,
All easy opts decry,
Ever the Sands of Time resolve contrives!

© Meanderings 2016