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Sunday Sonnet!

IMG_5455 (WP)


Effusive silence gently penetrates
Obscured recesses of receptive soul,
Her wordless eloquence regenerates,
Fatigued and brokenness to be made whole;
No need there be it’s healing to access,
With zest our puny efforts to instill,
Save patient resignation to possess,
Humility aplenty, to be still!
Fear not disruptive demons of unease
Intent on obviating wholesomeness,
Embrace of blessed quietude decrees
Assurance of her sanative caress.
Imbibe the stillness of this sacred place,
An earthbound channel of redeeming grace.

©Meanderings 2018


Time’s Treatment!

Rising tongues (WP)

Healing Flames…

When things go wrong within our daily lives,
The seed of doubt on our misfortune thrives,
On Inner strength rely,
All easy opts decry,
Ever the Sands of Time resolve contrives!

© Meanderings 2016